At DECAP R&D, we leverage 3D-printing and injection-plastics moulding technology to create new, user-friendly companion devices for safe uncapping and recapping of needles.

Needle-stick injuries are scary, painful, and come with the risk of severe infections or transmission of blood-borne illnesses like HIV and Hepatitis. 400,000 or more occur each year, and many are never even reported.

DECAP devices help users uncap, recap and dispose of needles, and are modular, sterilizable, and cost-efficient to optimize lifespan, sterility and usage flexibility.


DECAP - Safe Needle Uncapping, Recapping and Disposal

Our 3-D printed safe-needle uncapping, recapping and disposal products let you uncap, recap and dispose of a wide range of needle caps, needle tips and syringes easily, without ever putting your fingers near the pointy end. DECAP products reduce the risk of needle-sticks, improve workflow efficiency and decreases ergonomic strain, and are modular and customizable for any work environment.

DECAP is Patent-Pending and has been tested in more than 100 laboratory, research and clinical environments over the past 3 years, winning multiple accolades in start-up accelerators and pitch competitions around the world!


DECAP devices enable users to safely uncap, recap and dispose of a wide range of Luer, Luer-lok, safety needles, and oversized needles in a variety of environments including inside Biosafety Cabinets, on laboratory/surgical workbenches, and in the field.

DECAP’s unique keyhole opening enables users working in challenging environments to use needles with one hand, either vertically or horizontally, while the other holds an animal or patient in place.

DECAP devices allow  users to use and dispose of multiple needle-heads in conjunction with a single syringe, rather than reusing a potentially unclean needle for multiple injections.

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3-D Printable Protective Equipment for COVID-19 Front-line Workers

Collaborating with University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine researchers, we are currently re-tooling some of our production lines and supply chain to produce 3-D printable protective equipment and medical devices to fight COVID-19. 

Please contact us if you are in need of protective equipment and/or are interested in collaborating!

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For any inquiries, questions, research collaborations, or interest in working with our team, please email